Hair Extensions Flagstaff AZ Services

Our salon offer a range of hair extensions Flagstaff AZ services. Hair extensions are positioned close to the scalp by weaving, braiding, or bonding, and may consist of real or synthetic hair. They are designed to add length and volume to the style. When applied professionally, extensions will mix and move naturally with any style.

We value our customers and pride ourselves on providing the best hair care by offering free hair extensions touch-ups and removal. You can learn more about our hair extensions Flagstaff AZ services below:

Hair Extensions Implementation

Adding new hair extensions.

Hair Extensions Consultation

We offer a consultation for hair extensions. We will spend time discussing with you your hair goals and the best extensions to get your desired look.

Free Hair Extensions Removal or Touch-up

We are a no receptionist salon. Please book your hair extensions Flagstaff AZ appointment at Wildflower Salon. If you have any questions, you can email or call us on (928) 440-5152 .