Haircut Flagstaff AZ Services

At Wildflower Salon, we specialize in haircuts in Flagstaff and value our customers offering free consultations and free hairline/neckline clean-up with every appointment. You can learn more about our haircut Flagstaff services below:

Free Hairline/Neckline Clean-up

Quick clean up around the hairline. DOES NOT include undercut.

Free Consultation

A 15 minute consultation where we talk about your hair goals and the history of your hair. A hair test strand maybe required, we’ll cover cost and timing and maintenance for your hair.

Undercut with design

A shaved portion of the head plus lines/design.


A shampoo with styling with a round brush.

Dry Cut/Dusting

This service doesn’t include a shampoo or blow dry. A dusting is to take off any dryness from the ends, takes less time and is less in price as well.

Medium Cut

Hair is above or at the shoulders. Includes shampoo, blow dry and style.

Short Clipper Cut

This service is for someone who wants a faded haircut, any length can be cut on top.


Shaving a section of the head.

Curly Hair Cut

This service is for the curly haired client who wears it curly and leaves towel dried or diffused. Hair must be washed and dry.

Long Cut

Hair comes significantly past the shoulders. The duration of this service is 1 hour and 15 minutes, if you usually are in the chair for this amount of time because you have thick/long hair, book this appointment. This includes shampoo and blow dry style.

Short Scissor Cut

Typically a pixie-cut client or a short cut without using clippers or having a fade.

Bang Trim

Bang trim. Prefer to have bangs washed and styled for appointment.

We are a no receptionist salon. Please book your appointment for your haircut in Flagstaff AZ. If you have any questions, you can email or call us on (928) 440-5152 .